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Our mission is to support our clients to accomplish their goals by providing smart, sustainable and practical solutions, and to nurture the remarkable talents of our team to thrive as a firm.

Who We Are

Solutions for Development is an experienced consulting firm that takes a development-centered, data-driven and client-engagement approach to assisting public and private sectors organizations to improve and grow.

We are a motivated and curious team with the vision and the drive to make a difference in Palestine. Our work focuses on economic development, management consulting, and business consulting.

We take inspiration from our accumulated experience and networks to come up with in-depth understandings of the needs of international development agencies, public sector institutions, and the Palestinian private sector organizations and companies.

We base our recommendations on facts stemming from in-depth market research and rigorous analysis of our clients’ challenges.

We envision and implement development initiatives with practical, actionable, and customized plans that creatively bring them to life. 

Solutions for Development Consulting Co. was established in 2005 and is based in Ramallah, Palestine. 

How we Work

We follow a participatory, context-sensitive and audience-centered approach with our clients. We work with you to define the problem to ensure we are recommending the right solutions.

We adapt to your needs and structure. Our teams integrate with your organization and external audiences to collect and synthesize insights to guide purposeful decision making.

We trust and value our clients and believe that together we can take part in the economic development of Palestine. 

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Address: Sehwail Building, 22 Naji Ali Street,
Almasyoun, Ramallah, Palestine
Tel: +970 (0) 2 2970710
Fax: +970 (0) 2 2970711