Yousef Jadallah


Yousef Jadallah holds a BSc in Economics and Management from King’s College London, UK. Yousef’s university studies focused on a range of topics ranging from formal economic theory and statistical analysis to financial concepts and investments. He was also an equity analyst at the university’s investment fund, where he was responsible for analyzing and selecting stocks to invest in with the King’s Business School’s own capital.

As a student, Yousef interned at the Office of the Quartet in Jerusalem, where he got another perspective on the Palestinian economy from a policy-oriented lens. Yousef then went on to intern at the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) in London, where he joined a selective cohort of interns to research and debate policy issues relating to the UK’s domestic policies and its relationship with the EU. At the IEA Yousef also conducted independent research on financial secrecy, cash, and their importance to a free economy, there he was awarded best debater prize for the cohort.

He first joined Solutions as an intern in 2018 out of his interest in learning about the Palestinian economy in-depth and connecting a western education to a growing Middle Eastern economy. With the same vision, Yousef joined the team full time in 2020 to bring a multidisciplinary approach, comprising technical data analysis, financial modelling and qualitative thinking to the Palestinian market.

Yousef’s experience at Solutions encompasses a range of industries, conducting feasibility studies in the construction sector, financial projections and models for M&As, research in the agricultural sector, and market studies for large retail projects.




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