Initiatives we created

Intajuna (English: Our Production) a nationwide project designed, managed and executed by Solutions. Intajuna was conceptualized based on Solutions’ unique approach to building national programs aimed at the development of various sectors in Palestine.

At the core of Intajuna’s methodology is the accumulation of industry and market insights, a combination of business consulting services, and a consumer marketing campaign. The project investigates Palestinian household needs, concerns, motivations,...Read more

Asasat (English: Foundations) is a national project launched by Solutions to increase the local market share of Palestinian-made building materials. Solutions worked with various market players to help better understand market dynamics in relation to products’ procurement. Asasat built the knowledge needed to understand this market and implement activities that change perception at the consumer level and provided capacity building activities at the company level. Asasat developed investment briefs and strategies for areas that are feasible for sustainable investments in the sector. Asasat...Read more



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